CinemaWorks acoustic treatments provide a simple yet essential function of absorbing or diffusing reflective sound waves. Reflective sound waves bounce off hard surfaces like walls, floors, tables, etc distorting the true sound being produced by your speakers.

CinemaWorks acoustic panels work by reducing these sound distortions, creating a true to the source listening or recording environment. Importantly, Cinemaworks panels are designed to control these distortions, without making the room dead or lifeless, which is problematic for foam based panel systems. Each panel was engineered and produced by CinemaWorks Australia to solve specific acoustic issues, making CinemaWorks the only true complete room treatment solution.

acoustic panels are available in a wide variety of designer fabrics, timber veneers and paint finishes or ask about our custom design service and 'Director Series' panels.

Versatile and easy to install
Cinemaworks can be used anywhere including your home cinema, stereo room, sound studio, restaurants and more. There are many applications and uses due to the wide range of panel solutions and finishes.
Our easy mount system makes it easy to mix and match panels to fine tune the room acoustics and provide a perfect mounting every time.


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Home Cinema architectural acoustic panels that calm the reverberation.

Expect clean, clear intelligible sound

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